Diselenides are selenium derivatives with oxidation -1.
Here are some interesting examples of inorganic diselenides:
- lithium diselenide Li2Se2 (Li-Se-Se-Li)
- sodium diselenide Na2Se2 (Na-Se-Se-Na)
- potasium diselenide K2Se2 (K-Se-Se-K)
- barium diselenide BaSe2 (-Ba-Se-Se-)
- magnesium diselenide MgSe2 (-Mg-Se-Se-)
- calcium diselenide CaSe2 (-Ca-Se-Se-)
- copper indium diselenide CuInSe2 (*)
- tungsten diselenide WSe2 (*)
- niobium diselenide NbSe2 (*)
- cesium diselenide Cs2Se2 (Cs-Se-Se-Cs)
- osmium diselenide OsSe2 (*) (Se=Os=Se)
- copper(I) diselenide Cu2Se2 (Cu-Se-Se-Cu)
and organic diselenides:
- carbon diselenide(*) CSe2 (Se=C=Se); CAS: [506-80-9]
- (di)phenyl diselenide C12H10Se2 (Ph-Se-Se-Ph); CAS: [1666-13-3]
- (di)ethyl diselenide C4H10Se2 (Et-Se-Se-Et)
- (di)benzyl diselenide C14H14Se2 (Bzl-Se-Se-Bzl); CAS: [1482-82-2]
- phenyl tert-butyl diselenide C10H13Se2 (Ph-Se-Se-t-Bu)
- (di)n-decyl diselenide C20H42Se2 (n-Dec-Se-Se-n-Dec)
- (di)benzoyl diselenide C14H10O2Se2 (Bz-Se-Se-Bz)
- (di)methyl diselenide C2H6Se2 (Me-Se-Se-Me); CAS: 7101-31-7
- (di)acetyl diselenide C4H6O2Se2 (Ac-Se-Se-Ac)
- L- and D-(di)selenocystine C6H12N2O4Se2 (HOOC-CHNH2-CH2-Se-Se-CH2-CHNH2-COOH); CAS: [29621-88-3]
- benzyl ethyloxycarbonylmethyl diselenide C11H14O2Se2 (Bzl-Se-Se-CH2-COOEt)
- L- and D-(benzoyldiselanyl)alanine C10H13NO2Se2 (Bz-Se-Se-CH2-CHNH2-COOH)

(*) - selenium with normal oxidation (-2)

Quantity: 100 g, 500 g, 1 kg
Equipment: up to 100 L glass reactors
You can order any symmetrical or non-symmetrical compound with diselenide bridge. We offer custom synthesis for oud Clients.

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